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Just Me All The Time

Last night, I dreamt of my friend who lives in England (6765 miles from Philippines). She was sitting in a wooden chair, alone and looks so disturbed. So, I sat beside her, she hugged me and started crying. I kept asking her why, what’s the matter, trying to convince her that I am here to listen, but she just keeps on sobbing, and her chin on my shoulder tells me that all she needed is a shoulder to cry on, so I let her.

Part of me knows that it was just a dream. I’ve never seen her, I mean in photos, yes, but never in real life, so it’s really bizarre to think that the hug and tears felt real, like I’ve held her before, like I’ve known her forever.

I could have stayed dreaming. I could have stayed in that moment. I could have hugged her forever, but I chose to wake up. I don’t like the idea of seeing her crying, and I’m afraid that if I stay, I might lose my consciousness, choose dream over reality and be stuck on that moment for the rest of my life.

I woke up with tears racing on the corner of my face. Touching my cheeks made me realized that I’ve been crying for half an hour already. Maybe, its not her tears at all but mine. Maybe because I’m pretty sad last night, and I am so disturbed before I went to sleep that I have that dream. Maybe it was just me all the time.

Best friends forever

I Am Your Best Friend

Look honey, I’m not really good with this. I’ve always been a good listener, but never a good adviser. So, yes, I’m sorry but you’re creeping me out. Wait, I’m not telling you to back off, I’m not asking you to leave and look for others. I love you, because you’re my friend, and I wanted to help you, really, I do.

I don’t want to see you sad, it breaks my heart to think that you’re crying because of him, him who doesn’t even care about you, him who’s using you for almost three years now. I’ve told you before, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, and I don’t want to stop you from loving him, but he’s just a jerk! From the very first time I laid my eyes on him, I know he’s not the one for you. But again, I care about you, and I want to support you.

Now, you ran to me, with all that tears and regrets. And here I am, with arms opened wide, all ready to give you the warmest embrace. Part of me hates you, I lost you for many, many years. We became strangers. I hate you because you forget about me, because you’ve chosen him over our friendship – well, you don’t have to choose, but I don’t know why you did, we could have been good friends while you’re making out with him. Yet, you two preferred to be alone.

Still, the biggest part of me loves you. And I’ll always choose you. Do you remember that time on the beach, when we promised that we will be best friends forever? I always have it with me. There’s a time when I decided to let you go, but then I smelled that same scent of sands, and all of a sudden I wanted to call you and say how much I missed you.

Best friend at the beach

Remember that time on the beach?

Dear, I’m sorry. I really am not good with counselling. You know how terrible I am with giving advises and suggestions. But I can always listen, and I’m always willing to wipe your tears. I could always give you a hug. My shoulder is always available for you to lean on, and my heart is always yours. We’ll be best friends forever. And please, stop crying, he doesn’t deserve that.


No Ordinary Love

For the past few days, I keep singing “No Ordinary Love” in my head. I don’t know why. Well, I’ve always loved this song, but to have it running in my head over and over again is a bit unusual to me.

Still, I’d like to share this to you guys. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I like the version of MYMP better. I find the words so moving and true. I don’t know who wrote this song, all I know is that, that person is so in love.

Anyway, I can’t seem to find an official video for this, I guess this video with lyrics will do. Enjoy!

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life a lot. Whenever I close my eyes, I can picture a one liner question asking “are you happy?”, and I feel very frustrated because I can’t seem to answer.

I always think that there’s nothing else that I could ask for, I got good grades, I am an honor student, I graduated with degree, I have a smartphone, and my dream camera, I have an amazing job, I have the best family and friends, really, what more could I asked for? Continue reading “Contentment” »


Getting to Poland

Two weeks from now I’ll be leaving to Poland. To be honest, the idea of flying kind of scares me, I mean I love the fact that finally I will be able to ride a real plane, and go somewhere far from my country, but since I’ve never done this before, all I can feel is my heart – my heart as it pounds harder and faster every time I realize that the day is getting near.

But, isn’t that amazing, I’m going to Poland for free?! A lot of people had been dreaming of getting there, or at least a country in Europe. We all know that Europe’s such a big, rich continent, the cost of living is so high that it’s okay to get the cheapest flight, and cheapest accommodation just so you could announce to everyone that you’re finally getting to step your feet in Europe. In fact, I sometimes think that its okay to live under a bridge (if its a bridge in London), because its still safe I guess, not like here that people will rob you even if you live in an exclusive village. Continue reading “Getting to Poland” »


Things I Learned From Teaching

Last night was an incredible night. I got the chance to share my knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! Well, it wasn’t a big crowd, but good enough for me to be able to give attention to everyone.

It was my first time teaching a very important stuff, something that requires me to really study and prepare, because I know that those students would listen to me, and they would probably remember me when they hear the term “SEO”, and so I don’t want to give out wrong information, and false ideas, rather I shared them exactly the way I learned this matter – my experiences in SEO industry, some do’s and don’ts and everything I discovered upon working on this stuff. Continue reading “Things I Learned From Teaching” »


The Optimist Creed (Reason Behind The Blog’s Name)

Some were asking me why I chose “The Optimist Creed” as my website’s name. Well, one obvious answer is because I love the poem, The Optimist Creed by Christian Larson. I remember, I first learned about this poem when I was on my sixth grade. I fell in love with the words easily – I know that those are the exact creeds I want to hold forever in my life. And now as I read again my favorite poem, I realized how badly opposite I am to those creeds. Continue reading “The Optimist Creed (Reason Behind The Blog’s Name)” »