Perfect Love

The Truth About Perfect Love

My perfect kind of love.

We all want to experience that perfect love.  An ideal love that both single and married women desire. A faultless love that can only be found in movies and fairytales. A love so strong that it can move mountains. Love that is not only heard through a sweet voice, but also seen in action. Love that will never leave you and never get tired on your shortcomings and transgressions.  A love that lasts forever. Continue reading “The Truth About Perfect Love” »


Welcome Back to Me

Today I came back to my first love. The company that molded me into what I am now, company that taught me things I know I won’t be able to learn anywhere else.

I wasn’t feeling awkward at all – I thought I would because I’ve left them, I wasn’t around for more than a year, and I was thinking that maybe I don’t belong here anymore. But, I thank God, because I am here, happy, welcomed, and contented with the path I chose. Continue reading “Welcome Back to Me” »

Just Me All The Time

Last night, I dreamt of my friend who lives in England (6765 miles from Philippines). She was sitting in a wooden chair, alone and looks so disturbed. So, I sat beside her, she hugged me and started crying. I kept asking her why, what’s the matter, trying to convince her that I am here to listen, but she just keeps on sobbing, and her chin on my shoulder tells me that all she needed is a shoulder to cry on, so I let her.

Part of me knows that it was just a dream. I’ve never seen her, I mean in photos, yes, but never in real life, so it’s really bizarre to think that the hug and tears felt real, like I’ve held her before, like I’ve known her forever. Continue reading “Just Me All The Time” »

No Ordinary Love

For the past few days, I keep singing "No Ordinary Love" in my head. I don't know why. Well, I've always loved this song, but to have it running in my head over and over again is a bit unusual to me. Still, I'd like to share this to you guys. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt, but I like the version of MYMP better. I find the words so moving and true. I don't know who wrote this song, all I know is that, that person is so in love. Anyway, I can't seem to find an official video for this, I guess this video with lyrics will do. Enjoy! Continue reading “No Ordinary Love” »


Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life a lot. Whenever I close my eyes, I can picture a one liner question asking “are you happy?”, and I feel very frustrated because I can’t seem to answer.

I always think that there’s nothing else that I could ask for, I got good grades, I am an honor student, I graduated with degree, I have a smartphone, and my dream camera, I have an amazing job, I have the best family and friends, really, what more could I asked for? Continue reading “Contentment” »